Opera singer on roof of Sydney Opera House

Sydney has so many exciting festivals, shows and events scheduled. View our calendar of What's On in Sydney for 2017/18.

Lady on massage table

Big-city life has its downsides. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the noise and the traffic and sit back in a spa in a secluded, luxury setting, while you sip tea and consider a hot stone massage? Sounds divine, doesn’t it? But in our great city, these day-spa experiences are not so easy to find.

New York has a sea of options, including the brilliantly stuck-in-time Russian Baths. London is full of them – historic and modern. Spas are a way of life in Japan. But Sydney is downright lacking in options. While search engines provide a saturated guide to a city, you sometimes can’t trust those algorithms. So instead of googling, we did the hard work and set out to find Sydney’s best health and day spas.

Two girls sitting on a yacht at sunset

LIVING in the most beloved harbour city in the world, it’s an absolute joy for Sydney-siders and visitors to get out and about on the water. Whether it be on a water taxi, a ferry, a rental, or – if you’re lucky enough – your own boat, the access to water is what sets us apart from other cities.
But living in the inner city makes it a little more challenging owning and mooring your own boat or yacht close by. Here are the options available to help you get out and about on Sydney’s beautiful harbour.

Three women sitting facing the vineyard

For the wine lovers and wannabe sommeliers, there’s much more to Australia’s wine scene than the Hunter Valley. From interstate regions to local events and specialised wine bars, there’s something for everyone. We chatted to Peter Dillon, the winemaker behind Sydney’s Handpicked Wines. They don’t focus on one region, but scout Australia for some of the very best to place on the table.

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