Lifestyle Guide Sydney - Jo Burston - Rare Birds

Meet local entrepreneur Jo Burston, the brains behind Rare Birds; a business that supports women on their entrepreneurial journeys.

What led you into the world of entrepreneurship?

I have started and grown many businesses, but it wasn’t until I travelled around schools in 2013, and talked to young girls that I realised I had to create change and opportunity for women in entrepreneurship. Most of the girls I spoke to had no idea what an entrepreneur was and the few that did said, ‘a man’. That’s what inspired me to found Rare Birds.

Give us the Rare Birds elevator pitch

Rare Birds is a global hub that supports and connects aspiring and established entrepreneurs. We create opportunities and solve problems by providing funding, events, education, mentorship, and publish inspiring, practical content.

What is the biggest challenge female entrepreneurs face?

Accessing capital without doubt. We find it incredibly rewarding to link women entrepreneurs with grants and funding opportunities. This goes to the heart of what Rare Birds is all about.

What qualities does someone need to become a successful entrepreneur?

Curiosity, tenacity & resilience are important, but you also need to be able to think big from day one. Businesses have a better chance of survival if global expansion is factored in.

How should people join – as a mentor or as a mentee?

Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship can come to a Rare Birds event and be part of the community. Connecting entrepreneurs with mentors is also a fundamental part of what we do. Our website has details about how to get involved.

Do you have any comments about women entrepreneurs from inner Sydney suburbs?

We have an incredibly supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Australia and now is a great time to start a business. You can do it from home – some of the most successful Sydney women in our community started like this, including Mia McCarthy who founded Yummia.

What are some of your favourite eateries in Sydney?

I go to Cho Cho San for Japanese, Spice Temple for my hot food fix and Bambini Trust for their casual bar menu.

Can you recommend any meetup groups for women looking for support?

Rare Birds is launching events in Sydney and around Australia. Come along to our next one!