The Lifestyle Guide 2018

Reset your mind, boost your mood and soak up some of Sydney’s most iconic vistas with a pre-work, post-work or during-work exercise class around the inner city. Gyms the world over are largely the same: a ubiquitous cardio section, a crowded iron-pumping department and a humble corner for yoga mats and stretches. They’re functional, clinical and often not overly inspiring places. The physical and emotional benefits of working out in nature, however, are well- documented. You know what they say: variety is the spice of life and unpredictability is good for the soul. Working out outdoors (even if it’s in the same spot) means that the environment, weather and conditions are different every day. And breathing fresh, outside air is better than recycled indoor-gym air. Word has it that just 20 minutes of working out outside is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects. On top of that, the routine of gym-based exercise can mean your body gets used to the work you’re doing. Working out on nature’s complex terrain promotes ‘muscle confusion’ that can help the body to burn more calories. These factors – as well as the ability to disconnect from the demands of technology, top up your Vitamin D stores and improve mental health – all combine to give an outdoor workout the edge. So, what about working out in the great outdoors and soaking up some of Sydney’s spectacular scenery? From yoga or boot camp to horse riding and functional fitness while floating, the inner city has something for everyone. Here are your top 5 options: LIFESTYLE GUIDE 20 W I TH A V I EW Fitness GE T T I NG F I T I N THE GR E AT OUTDOORS