The Lifestyle Guide 2018

LIFESTYLE GUIDE 36 Q. You’ve been on Aussie screens since the early '80s and featured in all of the most beloved and iconic Aussie shows. Which was your favourite homegrown experience? A. That’s a bit like picking your favourite child! I’ve been fortunate to have so many wonderful experiences working in Australia. Different jobs stay with you for different reasons. Sometimes it’s the role. Sometimes it’s the script. Sometimes it’s the people. I guess for a combination of all of those things, a film called 100 Bloody Acres is right up there. Q. What would you consider to be your big break? A. Your idea of what a big break is kind of keeps changing. When I was younger I’d have said my big break was the film The Big Steal in 1989. Then 15 years later, it felt like it was House of Wax. But, realistically, it was probably about five years after that, in a US series called Justified . I ended up doing that on and off for six years. Q. Where in the world do you spend most of your time at the moment? A. It’s a bit of an equal split between Sydney and Los Angeles, and has been that way for about 12 years. Sometimes it’s a few more months in one than the other, but it pans out to about 50-50. Q. You’re also a writer, producer and director – which of your personal projects gained the strongest following? (People went nuts over the Smithston short!) A. (Laughs) It’s nice that people even know about Smithston. It always surprises me when they do. That was just a little sketch that was hardly seen when it first aired. The other shorts I’ve made have done okay here and there, but I suppose Smithston is the one people mention most. DAMON HERR I MAN ’ S Sydn ey