The Lifestyle Guide 2018

C I T Y UPDATE Today & Tomorrow with Lord Mayor Clover As Sydney continues to evolve, the city is expanding to accommodate the swelling population with updates to transport, public spaces and cultural centres. We sat down with Lord Mayor Clover Moore herself to get the latest update on the big-ticket developments in our city. Here’s what she had to say. LIFESTYLE GUIDE 4 Q What are your thoughts on the development of the light rail from Kingsford/Randwick to Circular Quay? A An extra 1.6 million people are expected to live and work in Sydney over the next 20 years, with 100,000 new jobs in our city centre and an increase in daily trips to the city of almost 25% by 2031. To meet these needs and bring us into the 21st Century, we have been advocating for light rail and the pedestrianisation of George Street for many years. Light rail is a NSW Government project, but we have given them $220 million to improve the public-domain aspects. What we’re getting isn’t quite matching the design vision we were promised, but I’ll be pleased when the disruption stops and we finally have light rail on George Street.