The Lifestyle Guide 2018

An annual or seasonal wardrobe cleanse is a fantastic way of making sure you’re getting the best use out of all of your outfits, and donating your much-loved but lesser-worn items is the perfect way to assist women who are trying to join the workforce. One of the most empowering gifts that disadvantaged women can be given is employment. Charities that help build the skills and confidence that people need to secure a job are instrumental in altering the course of vulnerable and disadvantaged women’s lives. The image that we put forward into the world has a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves. Charities like Dress For Success and Fitted For Work provide professional clothing and styling advice to women who are seeking employment or have recently gained work. It’s not all about keeping up appearances, though. Dress For Success offers a comprehensive suite of career services that includes development and employability skills workshops, mock interview and résumé-review sessions and a coaching and mentoring program. Similarly, Fitted For Work invites all clients to participate in their ‘WomanKind’ program – a pre-employment program that inspires, guides and supports each woman to build her confidence through mentoring and woman-to-woman training. They also provide workplace familiarisation and skill- development days. The overarching aim of these organisations is to improve employability by instilling confidence, restoring dignity and building resilience. Chair of Dress For Success Sydney, Robyn de Szoeke, told the Lifestyle Guide that “Dress for Success knows the value of increasing women’s participation in the workforce. We help thousands of women in need each year on their journey to economic independence – bringing them financial security, perhaps the confidence to leave a violent relationship, create a safe environment for their families or realise their goals and reach their potential. “And there are real benefits for society. In 2012, the Grattan Institute found that if there were an extra 6% of women in the workforce, we could add up to $25 billion, or approximately 1%, to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product.” See how you can help get women into work by checking out Dress For Success Sydney at and Fitted For Work at . Dress for Success Empowerment Through Employability CHAR I T Y LIFESTYLE GUIDE 63