Sarah Wilson’s Sydney

Sarah Wilson in sunshine beside the Sydney Harbour

She shot to fame when her book I Quit Sugar was released in 2013. Her new book First, We Make the Beast Beautiful was released in April this year. We spoke to author Sarah Wilson about Sydney’s food scene, her favourite farmers’ markets, and the connection between food and anxiety.

Sydney’s food scene?

We’re regarded as being a good two to three years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to food trends. Australia is more vibrant and alive to variation, particularly compared with Europe.

It seeps through from generations of different cultures... We have an abundance of cuisines, flavours and ingredients, and many different microclimates to access a wide range of food.

Food peeves?

The hipster, cool food movement hasn’t got people as aware as I’d like. People don’t think about the fact that avocados, at some times of the year, are incredibly unsustainable. I get pretty upset about people eating whole baby coconuts, as well as bottled water and takeaway coffee cups.

People get involved in the fashionable side of food, but not so much the impactful side, being mindful with food.